The launch of 3DM provides the springboard for a new generation of customer-centric, flexible, interactive digital communication which can be controlled and accessed by your audiences wherever, whenever and however they choose.

The 3DM system is designed to deliver integration with existing hard-copy training, learning development and user manuals, sitting seamlessly alongside current systems and taking staff and customers along a pleasurable unique journey.

Examples of projects delivered in this industry sector are:

  • Training of assembly line work force
  • Implemented quality and safety 3DM training manual for all the employees of the manufacturing plant.

Our Experience

Successful projects implemented

  • The launch of 3DM system provides an effective way to train the employees in more cost effective way in less time than before.
  • The visual-rich solution eliminates the language and intelligence barriers for skill development.
  • The 3DM solution can be developed for automated and semi-automated factories.
  • One of our manufacturing clients were building a new factory site in a different geographical location, and InfoPlus was able to support and develop a 3DM training content manual to support new employees and existing by capturing policies and procedures in their current location

Our Expertise & Experience

Hours of Integrated e- content
3D demonstrations
Interactive demonstration
Multi color classroom