We have in-depth experience within the development of 3DM content across engineering sectors like Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics, Chemical, Civil, and Computer Science.

3DM E-learning implementation for engineering and polytechnic students through innovative and illustrative visually rich ICT based content suitable for effective and efficient learning

3DM E-learning content will conform with the current prescribed syllabus and provide relevant texts in simple English 2D sketches and, 3D demonstration of equipment and machineries of real life applications and industry practices with appropriate audio. Virtually taking the students through real world applications relevant to their learning.

Leveraging cloud computing and the world wide web to effectively reach millions of students globally with visually rich core syllabus content around chosen education courses.


Our Experience

Developed 3DM – Content for

  • 20000+ hours of Integrated e- content
  • More than 30000 3D demonstrations
  • 4000+ interactive demonstrations
  • 100000+ multi color classroom/class notes line-diagrams
  • 15000+ 2D Demonstrations

Our Expertise & Experience

Hours of Integrated e- content
3D demonstrations
Interactive demonstration
Multi color classroom