The launch of 3DM provides the springboard for a new generation of customer-centric, flexible, interactive digital communiqué which can be controlled and accessed by your audiences wherever, whenever and however they choose.

The 3DM system is designed to deliver integration with existing hard-copy training, learning development and user manuals, sitting seamlessly alongside current systems and taking staff and customers along a pleasurable unique journey.

To state few of the projects we executed in this sector:

  • Training of assembly line work force
  • 300 Engineering Training within week of product launch thru their remotely located training center
  • Trouble shooting Dash Board development for user and service personnel.

How does 3DM provide you a real competitive edge?

The consumer goods sector is characterised by number of versions in product lines as well frequent product launches. Hence, training and re-training of manufacturing and service personnel are very high. This necessitates fast track training methodology. The Hands-on training can not be eliminated however, a 3D based training methodology will optimise the time required in hands-on training.

Keeping the requirement of training and re-training as primary driver, Infoplus has developed number of frame work which can deployed across consumer goods product life cycle.

Our Experience

We have worked in the following distinct areas :

  • Conceptualization for product development
  • Service personnel training
  • Assembly line training for different versions of the product
  • Base Trouble shooting by a customer

Our Expertise & Experience

Hours of Integrated e- content
3D demonstrations
Interactive demonstration
Multi color classroom

our Clients in Consumer Goods