The 3DM, a visual based knowledge system has been designed with automotive manufacturers needs as its guiding principle.

With a long heritage of working alongside car, van and commercial vehicle manufacturers to produce intuitive, cross-platform IT solutions, 3DM is a direct response to the growing need for the industry to take a quantum leap in terms of its communications with suppliers, employees, consumers and end users.

The launch of 3DM provides the springboard for a new generation of customer-centric, flexible, interactive, visually rich presentation accessed and controlled by your audience wherever and in whatever manner they choose to.

The 3DM system is designed to deliver integration with existing hard-copy training, learning development and user manuals, sitting seamlessly alongside current infotainment systems and taking staff and customers along a pleasantly unique journey.


How does 3DM provide you a real competitive edge?

Increasingly, staff and consumers are prioritising the ‘journey’ and ‘perceived effort’ as a measure of satisfaction, and their expectations are rising fast.

Manufacturers who deliver a more appealing, relevant, adaptable solution reap the rewards of loyalty and advocacy. 3DM is perfectly placed to tick these boxes, and enhance your reputation and your position as a true market leader.

What makes 3DM different and better?

3DM combines the best of still photography and video with the latest digital animation technology to create

  • user-controlled, interactive demonstrations
  • Semi-transparent fly-throughs and cutaways to showcase how the products are structured, and also, how issues can be easily resolved following a step by step visually rich guide therefore reducing time and associated costs.
  • More effective implementation will eventually and, ultimately replace existing printed materials therefore reducing costs, and your environmental impact
  • greater staff and customer satisfaction, leading to higher employee retention, improved productivity, customer loyalty and ROI.

Our Expertise & Experience

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