Infoplus introduces 3DM - transforming your customer communications for better knowledge transfer and staff training

  • Enhance your customer experience and employee skills
  • Save money on training and customer support
  • Improve your ROI

    ... and gain a lasting competitive edge!

Three Ways to choose us

Simulated Demonstrations

The innovative 3DM, a visual based knowledge system supports your aim to improve your customer experience and employee productivity, using state-of-the-art.


Enabling you to boost your business effectively. This easy-to-use, interactive tool translates a real competitive advantage into a meaningful ROI.


The innovative visual rich 3DM is an incredibly effective tool for staff training to reduce learning time and increase productivity from any location utilising the latest cross platform technology.


Our projects

3DM – An Extraordinary Innovation

Our Innovative 3DM System combines the best of CAD and mobile communication technologies with intuitive, easy -to-use techniques, to communicate with your audience more adequately and cost effectively, and be able to fast track learning for production, product and customer service information.

  • Through visually rich user manuals customer knowledge through visual-rich user manuals having unique digital fly-throughs and cut-aways, accessible across all devices including Smartphone’s and tablets
  • Reduce your technical and customer service queries by migrating your printed manuals to 3DM’s interactive customer-centric demonstrations
  • Reduce production and distribution costs and improve your environmental impact by replacing paper printed manuals, therefore encouraging customers to utilise the information more readily
  • Develop a significant competitive advantage by seamlessly integrating the 3DM apps with your existing infotainment systems
  • Improve productivity and staff engagement by employing 3DM as a platform for more effective training and rapid learning development.

Our Expertise & Experience

Hours of Integrated e- content
3D demonstrations
Interactive demonstration
Multi color classroom

“We’ve been trialling 3DM for six months now, and the response from our customers and staff have been exceptional. We’re now planning to phase in 3DM across our entire range, starting this year.”

Senior Manager, Global Brand